Friday, February 19, 2010

Shogi as Art

I have mentioned my dislike of book knowledge in Shogi because I don’t feel the same rush, the same enjoyment playing memorized ideas compared to playing ideas created from my own experiences. I may end up coming to the same conclusions in the end but the process of getting there is so much more enjoyable. As an artist I’m attracted by the creative potential of Shogi but turned off by the obsession with sticking with trusted and tested knowledge over experimentation. The approach may be more efficient but efficiently isn’t what makes Life or Shogi fun.

It might seem right to just imitate others and seek a steady life because "if one was only concerned about efficiency, no one would want to be creative." It might look rational to survive with "adaptability to situations." However, there is no way to survive in the long run other than to continue to be creative even though doing so might seem useless. Ultimately, "it would be creativity which decides who wins,". (Habu, Yoshiharu)

I’m interesting in seeing Shogi move farther away from book knowledge simply because I’d love to see the Shogi world expand to include a larger cast of characters and personalities. What attracted me to Shogi in the first place was the exciting characters and drama of stories like “Shion no Ou” and “Hachi-one Diver” but the reality is that the professional approach to Shogi scares off most of the really interesting people leaving only the most logical and straight forward types.

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