Sunday, January 2, 2011


Here's another interesting take on pop culture shogi. It has Demon characters and power bars that fill up. It started of as an arcade game but now is available on cell phones and PCs. I wish I knew more about this one but its artistic mix of street fighter style characters and effects is a very original take on shogi.

Metal Shogi

The latest attempt to introduce the next generation to shogi has come in an unexpected form... a simple shogi varient played with characters from Dragon Ball Kai.

This game is similar to 5x5 shogi but with a focus on controlling the center of the board (king of the hill style) rather then the traditional focus of regicide.
Players build a team (or cast) and play against the opponents specially built team. The game adds many elements of modern boardgames, card games, and miniature wargames to the ancient game of shogi. The playing pieces are metal miniatures that are bought in random expansion packs so it is not only targeting miniature gamers but the collectible crowd as well. Another interesting addition is the use of different strategy cards each game to add variety. They also have an interesting combo system were powerful characters can only be dropped once you have the right combination of other character colors out. This makes both sides have to start with weak characters and build up the the giant boss fights at the end. The rules seem simple and elegant... I hope this catches on in Japan.