Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shion no Ou

I discovered the Shion comics soon after finishing Hachi-One Diver but at that time it didn't interest me. The story and the world looked so dull compared to the fantasys of Hachi-One. After discovering hayashiba naoko's connection with the comics I just had to read them. The Shion no Ou animated series has been one of the best primers for learning Shogi I've come across. Through the series it slowly teaches you Shogi tactics and terminology without interrupting the stories flow.

I can't recommend this series enough to anyone interested in Shogi. While the story and world are more grounded in reality then Hachi-One Diver it still creates the same levels of danger, passion, and intensity. The series gives players a better idea of what to expect of Shogi though you may be hard pressed to find opponents in the real world as exciting as these characters.

That is one of the goals of this blog to show how Shogi is changing and how those changes are bringing new character, new faces to the Shogi world... Its no longer just for old men in Shogi parlors.

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